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Yarn bomb project idea - fundraising for The British Heart Foundation.

My mum loves swimming. She has visited lots of the lidos in the UK and is a keen open water swimmer. Me and my mum use to go swimming together every week before lockdown and for Mother's day I signed us both up to The British Heart Foundation mile swim in the Lake District.

Unfortunately it has been cancelled, but our entry has been rolled over to next year, so more time for training! I have never swam that far in open water (or in the pool!) so lots of training needed.

Any way back to crochet! As part of the entry you are given a target of £200 to raise, so I brainstormed a few ideas and thought a yarn bomb might be a good way to raise a few pennies.

I have been using our lockdown walks as a change to put up some yarn bombs, see my yarn bomb blog post, and I'm getting more confident at it, so when I came across an old wip in a forgotten bag in my craft space I decided to re purpose it for my yarn bomb.

I had found this heart pattern a while ago and thought I might make some bunting with it, but never got round to joining them up. Inspired by a post I saw on Instagram I came up with the idea of a 'heart hunt' (or something like that, the name needs some work!)

I'm going to hide the hearts or put them all up in one place (again, the idea needs some work) and attach a label with a link to my just giving page. Hopefully some lovely people will be kind enough to donate to this great cause and help beat heart break forever.

I'll keep you posted on how the project goes and the swim!

Have you ever done a fundraiser before using crochet? Which charities do you crochet for?

Katie x


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