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Yarn Bombing - my attempts, how to guide and free printable

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I've starting yarn bombing to try and brighten people's day. It was a bit nerve wracking at first and I did feel like a bit of a wally, but I turned it in to a whole family event by taking my creations out with us on walks and getting the kids to keep look out while I installed the 'bomb'.

My first yarn bomb was a large rainbow, which I adapted from my Granny Stitch Rainbow pattern

I found the most secluded bench I could, on a quite country lane not far from our house. There were a few people walking past (well it was in lockdown, you can't not meet anyone when you are out walking!) but no one seemed bothered by what we were up to.

I keep going back every couple of weeks to check it's ok and tidy it up a bit. When it becomes too scruffy I'll take it down. But for now I hope it spreads some joy and makes a few people smile.

I also put up a smaller rainbow on a bench along the canal, again not far from home. But I forgot to take a photo and by the time I remembered to go back a few weeks later it had gone. No worries, I read that once a yarn bomb has been put up it's no longer yours and you should let it go. (see this fab post about yarn bombing for tips and inspiration)

My latest 'installment' was a sunflower garland. My local village has organised a sunflower growing competition and art project. I wanted to add something to their sunflower HQ, this was the result...

I know, another bench! What can I say, they are easy! It doesn't really matter if you get the measurements wrong, just tie it on with a bit more yarn. I love the lamppost and bollard yarn bombs but have never got round to measuring up or working out a pattern, so for now I'll stick to benches.

I headed out at 6.30 am for this one, it's on a busy high street and didn't want to get spotted. I thought it might be a nice surprise for people to find later in the day.

I hope you like my yarn bombs if you fancy giving it a go here are a few things I found useful when starting out:

  1. Plan - decide where you want to install your yarn bomb and measure up.

  2. Design and make - choose your pattern and work it up to the dimensions you need.

  3. Bombs away - choose a time to install your yarn bomb. I like going out in the early morning when it's quiet.

Tools I take with me

  • darning needle

  • yarn

  • scissors

  • tie wraps

I have created this free printable yarn bomb project planner to help you plan your next yarn bomb.

I would love to see some of your yarn bombs, tag me in using #whatkatiecrocheted

Happy yarn bombing!

Katie x


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