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Baby boy cardigan - Bentley Sweater

Lockdown has given me the chance to finally sort my stash! Amongst the piles of wool I found some mystery yarn, I'm not even sure where it came from, it was a beautiful denim blue

and I had the vague idea I wanted to make a baby cardigan with it.

After a quick Pinterest search I came across The Bentley Sweater by Crochet Dreamz I loved the collar and the texture of this pattern so I purchased it on the Ravelry website

My yarn didn't have any labels (but it was wound into a lovely ball, thank you to whoever did that!) so I had to weighed the wool to work out if there would be enough. The pattern tells you how many yards you need, I found a conversion chart online showing yards to weight, and using some crochet maths I worked out I had enough to make the pattern.

There are several age size options for the pattern, from 0 - 3 months up to 3 - 4 years. I made the 3 - 6 months. There were lots of new stitches I haven't tried before but each one is explained in the notes. I did have to look a couple of tutorials up on YouTube.

I thought the diamond stitch would be the hardest part of this pattern, how wrong I was. It was actually really nice to crochet and looks fab.

The whole of the back panel is worked in Herringbone Half Double Crochet (hhdc), it looks beautiful but I just couldn't get my head around it! I did eventually get there.

I also had to redo the sleeves at least 3 times and by the time I got to the bobbles on the cuff I had totally lost the plot. The bobbles were working up backwards, I finally twigged I was working the wrong way round and was able to finish the sweater with out much more bother.

I think maybe kids clothes are harder to make than adults? (Please say it's not just me.)

I loved that there wasn't too much sewing to do, which is great as I'm not very good at joining! It is seamed at the shoulders and sides, leaving a slit for the arm hole and the sleeves are worked directly onto the body of the sweater.

In the end I was really please with out it turned out, and now I've got my head around hhdc and sleeves it has definitely given me the confidence to try making more crochet clothes.

What have you been crocheting in lockdown? I would love to see your projects. Are baby clothes always this hard to make?

Katie x


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