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5 Crocheted Gifts for Yoga Lovers (all free patterns!)

I love making personal gifts and have put together a little list of gifts you could make for the yoga lover in your life. And the're all free!

Yoga socks

These yoga socks from Okie Girl Bling n Things are great for keeping your feet warm without slipping on your mat!

Yoga Bag

I love this free pattern from Yoga Hound. It's super useful for carrying your mat, water bottle and other bit and bobs.

A Mandala

A Mandala is a sacred geometric figure that represents the universe and is often used in meditation yoga. This pattern from The Loopy Stitch would make a great gift for your yogi to decorate their meditation space.

Bolster cushion

This pattern from 5 Little Monsters is fab. A bolster pillow is a great for providing support and comfort during a yoga practice.

Yoga mat

I'm working on a c2c blanket at the moment and thought that the stitch and texture would work well for a yoga mat.

I found this design on Stitch Fiddle which would look fab as a yoga mat.

I think it would come up a bit too wide for a yoga mat, so I would only work up to column 30 on the chart.

Stitch Fiddle is great for designing your own c2c projects and you can create charts from photos too! (new blog post coming soon)

Katie x


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