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Baby booties gift

One of my lovely friends has just had a baby girl and I wanted a quick and cute gift to make.

Booties were the perfect thing, but I struggled to find a pattern I liked, I ended up trying out 3 different patterns and made one of each bootie.


I finally decided on the Cuffed Baby Booties pattern by Aunt B's Loops & Stitches and made the other foot to match. Now I have a couple of odd boots hanging around, maybe one day I'll get round to making the other ones, maybe!

The pattern was really clear and easy to follow and they worked up quickly. Some of the other patterns I tried were so complicated, so I was really pleased I found this one.


I used the same velvet yarn from Aldi as I did for the toy rabbits I made at Christmas. (I bought a ton of that yarn in lots of different colours, any ideas what to make with it would be appreciated!)

It can be quite hard to see the stitches in the velvet yarn, so I used lots of stitch markers. I love it though, it's so soft and squishy, perfect for baby items.

I quickly packaged them up in a gift box with tissue paper and popped round to my friends for baby cuddles.

What is you favourite baby item to crochet?

Katie x


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